On The Issues

Transparency & Communication

I hear you loud and clear, Lehi!

I'm dedicated to transparency and open communication.

Good leaders have nothing to hide. Since the year I took office, 2016, all of Lehi’s City Council and Planning Commission meetings are live-streamed for the public and then archived for anyone to watch. That includes work sessions and Pre-Council. Each year we are all trained on how to fully comply with the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act. All of the Council’s cell phone numbers and City email addresses are public information.


Communication with residents is simply transparency taken a step further. Based on input from residents, Lehi has made huge improvements in this area. We now have an active website that’s updated often and a Lehi City Facebook page. Lehi City Chat is a great forum for residents to report problems and get quick answers to questions—usually the same day, often in less than an hour. And anyone can use the iWorQ app to report issues directly to the City.

And coming soon…Lehi will have its own 311 Center! One of our goals for the budget in 2020 was to communicate City plans and services. This will be a one-stop shop for residents to get information in the community about pretty much anything. But since 24% of our residents still prefer to get their City information via our newsletter, we’ll keep doing that too.


My goals for the future are to implement a user-friendly development tracking system so that it’s easy for residents to see what’s happening in their area. I also plan to update and expand our noticing requirements—I often hear that those little orange signs just aren’t getting the job done. Nobody should have to be blind-sided by not knowing what’s going on around them. It’s a big challenge to keep up with it all, but we can do better!

Phone Number: (801) 310-4710       Email: paige@paigeforlehi.com