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Smarter Growth

Get ready for a brand new General Plan!

Growth is inevitable. Let's do it right. 

We all know stories of neighborhood problems with encroaching development. My first month in office, a hotel chain applied to build right next to a residential development. It was heart-wrenching. Nobody wanted to see the neighborhood go through that, but our hands were tied because the land was zoned Commercial. Since that day, I’ve been working to bring Lehi a new General Plan with a zoning update that makes better sense for our current needs.


It’s no secret why this happens more and more often. Did you know that the last major General Plan Land Use Element was approved in 2011? Think how much has changed since then! In fact, in our most recent citizen survey, 47% of respondents said they’ve only lived here five years or less. Along with all those new citizens come houses, stores, roads, parks, jobs, and schools. It’s crucial for them to go in the right places, and that doesn’t always happen.


We’ve met some of the goals from that old plan, including a new high school, a new medical facility, and investing in alternate energy sources. Others, like a cultural arts venue or lakefront rec facilities, have been mostly forgotten. Our needs and focus have changed. Lehi is booming, but other than the occasional amendment or the creation of a new zone, the document that guides Lehi City’s future development has looked pretty much the same for nearly a decade.


This was my top request at our budget retreat last year. It was subsequently approved, and the first resident input workshop was held in February. I urge everyone to participate in this process as we move forward. What we do now will shape our community for the next century. We must plan wisely. It’s never been more important to get it right.

To stay updated on the process, keep an eye on this: https://lehifuturelanduse.com/

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