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No new taxes for Parks!

Lehi needs more park space. What are we doing about it?


The Parks Master Plan adopted in 2015 Master Plan made it pretty clear that Lehi needs tons more park acreage and facilities to bring us up to national standards. But the citizens of Lehi spoke loud and clear when they voted against the RAP tax in 2015 and the Parks Bond in 2016.


We heard you:


NO NEW TAXES FOR PARKS. So we’re getting creative and developing more parks facilities through alternative funding like recreation grants, volunteer efforts, and public/private partnerships.

Margaret Wines Park


The current Parks Master Plan advises that we’ll need 14 soccer fields and 14 baseball fields by the time we Lehi has 72,000 residents. By developing Peck and Mellor-Rhodes as we’ve currently planned, we’re going to reach that goal.


  1. Peck property, 72 acres: we’ve paid it off—yay!—and  contracted with a local soccer club to build soccer fields with grass and irrigation (seven for them to use and three for us). In ten years, we get all of the fields, installed at no cost to taxpayers.                                                                        

  2. We also now own the Mellor-Rhodes property, 51 acres. We sold some unused City property to help fund design of baseball fields there and to start putting in basic facilities. We’ll add to them as we can afford it. We’ll also sell community advertising there to help pay for it, and we’ll be use citizen volunteers to help us build.                       

  3. We’ve expanded Lehi’s trail systems above Traverse Mountain by five amazing miles, through the efforts of passionate and engaged citizens who leveraged City contributions and volunteer labor to qualify for well over $100k in grants to build community trails. Another five+ miles are in the works, including trail heads.                            

  4. Lehi will be opening the brand new Dry Creek Lake Park next year. Through cooperative agreements with Utah County and surrounding communities, we’ll get a reinforced dam and spillway for better flood control along Dry Creek during heavy water years like this one. We’ll also have a substantial reservoir—roughly the same size as Tibble Fork—to help maintain our pressurized irrigation system during dry years. And lastly, we’ll have a beautiful recreation gem that includes boating, fishing, and swimming. (We’ve just gotta work out that parking situation!)

Mellor Rhodes Property

Fun story:

The demise of the Lehi Men’s Softball league nearly a decade ago is actually what got me started in local politics. I was so frustrated that there wasn’t enough field space for everyone to play!


Now I’m privileged to be the City Council liaison to the Parks, Trails, and Trees Committee, and we’re finally on track to keep the promises made back in 2011.



Unfinished park property, particularly in the Traverse area.



We have several parks for which we have collected impact fees, but not yet built. We must follow-through on our obligations to finish these parks. We also need a new Parks Master Plan to further identify deficiencies and prioritize needs for a community our size.



Underutilized park spaces.


We can gain more hours on our ball fields if we negotiate a graceful exit for the mink farm adjacent to the Sports Park, so we can use the fields there at night. We can do this through property swaps and/or density changes in which nearby residents are fully informed partners in the process.


Rapidly disappearing open space.


Negotiate cooperative agreements between developers in which we cut back on how much land they put toward under-used small neighborhood playgrounds, and instead combine those spaces into larger pieces of property in diverse areas of Lehi. Doing so will allow organized sports recreation as well as larger leisure parks.

Peck Park

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