On The Issues

Whether it’s public safety, growth & infrastructure, or transportation, I will continue working hard to find solutions to the issues we all face as Lehi residents.

The shortage of police officers along the Wasatch Front is reaching desperate levels. We must hire and retain the best first responders with top-notch facilities, salary, and benefits.

Public Safety

Spending too much time in your car?

Me, too. Find out what solutions are in the works at the local and state level, to help with your daily commute or just driving to the store.


There are a million new residents headed to Utah County by 2065! How on earth do we prepare for that? It’s high time to take a fresh look at the plans that are guiding our growth and infrastructure.

Smarter Growth

Remember that 2015 Parks study that said we needed more of…basically everything? We’re finding some creative ways to meet those needs, and there are great new things coming soon.


Utah County is projected to have the highest job growth in the state—a 185% increase in the next fifty years. With dozens of companies choosing to call Lehi their new home, are we really ready?


If you’ve ever wondered what the heck your Lehi City government is up to, it’s a whole lot easier to find out than it was four years ago. The future will bring even better communication with residents.


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