"As I have worked with Paige over the last four years I have been impressed with her work ethic and level headed reasoning. She has always been accessible when I have reached out, and she has always been a good problem solver. She brings a perspective that is needed and valued on the Council. I have enjoyed working with her, and I look forward to working with her for the next four years. Please join me in voting for Paige Albrecht for Lehi City Council."

Jake Anderegg

Senator District 13

"Paige is a stalwart and fierce defender of our Lehi community. Her years of experience on the Lehi City Planning Commission positions her as one of, if not the most knowledgeable City Council member on development code, property rights, and responsible planning. Paige has fought hard to ensure Lehi's rapid development preserves its reputation as one of the most desirable places to live in Utah."


"Paige works tirelessly to effectively engage with Lehi citizens, whether in-person, via social media, or through timely responses to e-mail. Despite a very full schedule, you will often find her volunteering to participate in community discussions on open space issues such as Dry Creek Lake, Peck Park, and Rhodes-Mellor Park. You will not find a more entrenched, socially responsible government representative. Never one to refrain from speaking the truth, it is refreshing to have a Lehi City Council member who is willing to stand up to big businesses and developers in defense of preserving Lehi's quality of life."


"I wholeheartedly endorse Paige Albrecht for City Council."

Chris Bowerbank

Lehi Resident

"I am pleased to endorse Councilwoman Paige Albrecht for Lehi City Council. She has shown time and time again, a clear understanding and love for the heritage and future of Lehi. She understands the issues we all face and works diligently to overcome those issues for the good of the people of this great city."


"She especially appreciates the intricacies related to growth; the remarkable benefits growth brings to our local economy and to the State as a whole, as well as an understanding of the growing pains – especially as it relates to traffic and transportation. She cares deeply about the city and loves the people. She is actively engaged with the community and makes herself readily available to speak with our citizens."


"She is an experienced, committed, and savvy elected official having served on the Lehi City Council and Planning Commission. Councilwoman Albrecht has my complete support and endorsement for re-election to the Lehi City Council."

Cory Maloy
Representative District 6

Congratulations, you are endorsed by the Utah Cultural Alliance! We thank you for running for office, taking our survey, and connecting with an in-person interview (there were a few instances in which we did not need to interview because we didn't have enough high scoring candidates to choose between for that seat).


To win our endorsement, our 501c4 board had to vote in favor of you by 60%. In all cases but one, they made exclusive endorsements i.e. 1 endorsement per seat. In cities with three at-large city council seats going to the top three vote getters, we made up to three endorsements. The one exception is the SLC Mayor's race. The board was tied between three candidates and decided to endorse all three.


Here is a little information about Utah Cultural Alliance that you are welcome to use when talking about your endorsement:


Founded in March 1980, Utah Cultural Alliance (UCA) is the statewide advocate for the humanities and arts. It is a 501c4 entity representing 300 member organizations who employ nearly 112,000 Utahns. We amplify culture’s contributions to Utah's economic, family, and community life. You can read more about our mission at www.utculture.org


Crystal Young-Otterstrom
Executive Director,

Utah Cultural Alliance

"We are excited to support Paige for Lehi City Council. Paige’s willingness and ability to research and dig into difficult issues benefits all of Lehi City. She is extremely accessible and reaches out to a broad range of people to understand issues. Paige’s understanding of Lehi City history and issues allow her to effectively and creatively solve tough problems. She takes a long-term view of choices and makes the decisions that benefit Lehi now and in the future. Paige is exactly the type of City Council member we need to work through the challenging issues Lehi faces with significant growth and constrained resources."

Rob and Marianne Ludlow

Lehi City Citizen's

Phone Number: (801) 310-4710       Email: paige@paigeforlehi.com